Solar Shades For Calgary Homeowners

Sun shades are a great option for Calgary homeowners who want to maximize light, reduce glare and minimize incoming heat. They are perfect for home offices and media rooms and can be upgraded to include a valance, motorized lift or smart blinds technology. The wide range of neutral colors and fabrics available makes it easy to find a design that works with your home’s colour scheme and complements your other window treatments.

While solar shades do not offer the same level of privacy as blackout curtains or drapes, they are an excellent choice for windows that frame stunning scenery. Using a special fabric that’s woven tightly enough to block harmful UV rays, these window treatments provide daytime privacy without obstructing your view of the outside world. They can also help prevent excessive sunlight from damaging your furniture, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork.

A solar shade’s opacity depends on its openness percentage, which is determined by how tight the fabric weave is. Lower openness levels allow less incoming sunlight and provide a greater view to the outdoors, while higher openness levels allow more sunshine in and reduce the amount of glare and heat that can filter into the room. The color of the solar shade also influences its opacity; lighter colors reflect the heat and illuminate a room, but can make the view hazy, while darker colors absorb more heat and create a darkened space.

In addition to reducing UV damage, solar shades can also protect your home’s interiors from overheating and save energy by keeping the hot air out and the cool air in. They can even improve your home’s insulating power by blocking the sun’s heat and preventing it from seeping through the windows.

They are ideal for homes with sun-facing rooms and are a good choice to cut glare from television and computer screens. Solar shades can be used in conjunction with other types of window coverings and are also an excellent solution for sun-facing doors.

A solar shade’s main drawback is that it is not a true blackout shade, so it will not completely block out the sun’s harsh rays during the day. They do, however, offer a high degree of privacy during the day and are great for homes that overlook scenic views. Those who need true blackout can pair solar shades with drapes that can be closed at night.


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