The Best EV Brands

The electric vehicle (EV) movement is picking up steam. More and more car companies are planning to add EV models to their lineups. In fact, several legacy car brands that never imagined themselves in the EV space have now released or are developing a full-electric vehicle.

While Tesla is still the top-selling EV brand, many manufacturers are making serious inroads into this new market. Some of these are new pure-play EV brands that have emerged in recent years, while others have existing model offerings from which they can build on to create fully-electric vehicles.

Other brands have established themselves as leaders in the EV industry through their commitment to sustainable mobility. General Motors, for example, has a number of popular electric vehicle models on the market. The company’s EV platform, Ultium, allows the automaker to develop multiple electric vehicle models using the same chassis and engine. In addition to its current battery-electric SUVs and sedans, Chevrolet has a truck and midsize utility vehicle in the works.

Volkswagen is another car manufacturer that has jumped into the EV market with a variety of different models. The German brand offers a plug-in hybrid in its Golf GTE and an all-electric hatchback in the ID.4. It also partners with Electrify Home to make its vehicles compatible with the company’s charging stations.

BMW has a robust electric vehicle lineup that includes several SUVs and sedans. Its i8 is one of the most popular EVs on the market and it’s available with a fast-charging option that can take it from 0 to 60% charge in under 45 minutes. In the luxury category, the iX3 is a great value while the 530e has the best fuel economy in its class.

Fisker is another newcomer to the EV scene. Its plug-in hybrid Karma is a well-known model and the company has since expanded its lineup to include more SUVs and other vehicles that support a variety of lifestyles.

OtherĀ Best EV brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry because of their impressive technology, unique vehicles or a combination of both. One of the most interesting is the Chinese EV maker BYD, which has snuck into second place in global EV sales with a 3.8% share last year.

Toyota is another big name in the EV industry. Its 2023 bZ4X is an SUV that starts at $43,215 and has an EPA-estimated range of 252 miles. The company also has a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle in the Mirai that uses regular fuel to power its electric motors and requires no batteries at all.

Skoda’s first bespoke EV, the 2021 Enyaq, is a comfortable and spacious model that provides an excellent value for its price. The car can travel up to 348 miles on a single charge and features an adjustable driving mode that allows the driver to select between comfort, eco-friendly and sport settings. This model also has a quiet ride and the ability to recharge in less time than other EVs.


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