Artificial Grass Joining Kit

Artificial grass has become a popular alternative to natural lawns for a variety of reasons. It can save water, money and time by transforming unused outdoor space into a functional and beautiful living area that requires little to no maintenance. However, the installation of an artificial lawn can be tricky for a DIYer because proper installation procedures are key to a successful lawn and landscape project.

One of the most important aspects of artificial grassĀ artificial grass joining kit installation is the seaming process. Proper seaming ensures that the artificial turf is seamless and looks great. If done incorrectly, the seams may look unnatural or could detract from the overall appearance of your yard.

Choosing the right synthetic grass joining kit is essential to a seamless and professional finish for your new lawn. A quality joining tape is non-toxic and is able to withstand the extreme temperature variations that can occur outdoors. It is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions so that you can get the best possible results from your seaming job.

The first step when taping your artificial grass is to cut off the edges of both sides of the turf you are trying to seam together. Be sure to cut as close as possible to the gauge row without cutting into the grass fibers as this will detract from the look of the seam.

Once the edges are cut off, lay the seaming tape on the top of your grass and press down firmly. Next, place the other piece of turf on top ensuring there is a 2-3mm gap between the pieces for the best result. Once the second piece of turf is in place, slowly bring them together ensuring that no grass blades are buried under the seam. Once the seam is complete, it is a good idea to check it every 0.5m to ensure that it is still in place and is not coming apart whilst install is ongoing.

For a truly invisible seam, it is necessary to have the right tools to help you along the way. This includes a high-quality fixed blade trimmer knife that allows for precision cutting to produce neat and polished edges on all of your seams. In addition, a quality glue spreader is also required in order to apply the seaming adhesive to an even thickness. Using a thick coat of glue can cause problems because it will expand when it is cured and will come through the turf, so a thin and consistent coat is recommended.

A proper seam is critical to a perfect artificial lawn because it will allow the grass to stand up to heavy foot traffic and maintain a natural, lush and aesthetically pleasing appearance. By following the tips in this article, you can easily and successfully create an artificial lawn with perfectly seamless seams that will look amazing for years to come. Hopefully, this will help to make your dream of a green and beautiful yard a reality!


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