What is the Goal of a Group Decision Maker?

group decision

GROUP DECISION: Decision making in groups is described by the acronym G PD. The acronym G PD actually stands for: Group Decision. When people collectively make a decision from the options available to them, then it is known as group decision-making. The group decision is no longer based on any single person who belongs to the group.

How do you use G PD in your decision making? If you have a group of people involved in a project, you will first need to agree on the best way to resolve the problems. Once that is agreed upon, each group member must then put forward a resolution for the issues at hand. The group members then vote and give their suggestions for the best solution. The group members then decide which resolution they support by voting.

This is pretty much how it works. Each group member is essentially writing a paper describing what the best solution would be. Then, once the group comes to a consensus on the best solution to the problem, a vote is held to either ratify or reject the resolution. Once the resolution is passed, the group members commit to working towards achieving the goal. G PD is also used to ensure that all potential solutions are explored and that all potential solutions are reviewed prior to a decision being made.

G PD is extremely valuable when working with potential solutions. Each potential solution is examined using G PD and once the potential solutions are found, the group members must decide if they support the potential solution. If they support the solution, then the group member is required to work towards achieving the goal using the potential solutions. In order for this to work, the group must commit to working towards achieving the goal using the best one first.

A large problem with many business organizations is that people can become polarized in regards to their thoughts on what the goal should be. Often times, a group will have differing opinions as to what the best solution to the problem might be. When this occurs, the group tends to split into two camps with each trying to prove they are right and the other being incorrect. The result is often poor communication and a lot of people feeling frustrated with their position in the organization.

The G PD process actually assists in decreasing this level of frustration. Basically, a decision making process helps people stay focused on the larger goal. This is because all eyes are on the same goal when people are working in teams. The group often becomes one cohesive unit focused on the goal. Once the decision making process is put into place, people are more likely to communicate and focus on reaching the same goal. The end result is better decision making, less conflict within the group, and less frustration.

There are two methods that deal with decision making. The first way is through the normal brainstorming techniques that most groups use. In essence, people are asked to “think” together and come up with a solution. The second method is by having the group hold a “charter” meeting where everyone writes down their opinion on the best option. However, both of these methods are prone to paralysis because the individuals have to consult with each other on the best option and not just have one person making the decisions for the group as a whole.

When the group is made up, there is still a number of individuals who have not agreed on the best course of action. With the G PD group decision making process, each individual is responsible for researching and gathering all the information needed to reach a conclusion. Once this is done, the group is able to work together towards the best solution.


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