Instant Per Diem Attorneys

About Instant Per Diem Attorneys

Instant Per Diem Attorneys provides law firms with on-demand access to seasoned per diem attorneys for court appearances, depositions, and legal research. The innovative service and accompanying app streamline legal support services, empowering lawyers to free themselves from day-to-day operations and focus on strategic growth.

The app automatically assesses the details of a case and matches the matter with an available, experienced attorney. Assigned attorneys are expert in handling all aspects of litigation, from initial client meetings through trial preparation and post-trial appeals. Streamlined processes ensure efficient, cost-effective representation.

Save Over $100K a Year

By using a trusted network of highly qualified freelance attorneys, you avoid the high cost of hiring full-time staff. Adding an associate can cost over $100K a year including salary, health insurance, 401K contributions, office space, training, continuing legal education fees, bar licensing costs, lunches, transportation and more. Our per diem attorney service saves you the overhead costs of a new employee, without sacrificing quality of work.

Superior Results

Our per Instant Per Diem Attorneys have years of experience appearing in Supreme Court, County Court, Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Family Court, Night Court and Landlord-Tenant Court. Each appearance is handled with the professionalism and zealous representation that your clients deserve.

Easily handle Administrative Matters

Whether it’s licensing, regulatory or other matters related to your firm, our experienced per diem attorneys are experts in efficiently managing these complex proceedings. They are familiar with the laws and regulations that govern these areas, which allows them to assist your firm with a range of administrative tasks that may not be included in your primary practice area. This frees you up to concentrate on the core business and provide the best legal counsel for your clients.